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About Us

Since 2006, Scott Watson and his wife Katie Lafferty have owned and operated Watson’s Pharmacy & Compounding Centre.  Scott hails from Pincher Creek, Alberta and has nearly 30 years experience working in the fields of pharmacy and biotechnology.  Scott holds a Bachelors Degree in Pharmacy and a Masters of Science Degree.

Watson’s Pharmacy & Compounding Centre brings to life Scott’s vision of what pharmacy should be – what it used to be.  He believes pharmacists, working with physicians and patients, play an important role in helping people lead healthier lives.  His pharmacy offers an integrative, holistic approach to health, combining the best of traditional medicines and complementary therapies.  As a compounding pharmacist, Scott works with doctors and clients to develop customized medicines that meet their specific needs.


Scott Watson received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012.

In 2013, Watson's Pharmacy was recognized by the pharmacy sector with a national Commitment to Care Award for its integrated approach to pharmacy. 

A picture of the owners

“Stepping into Watson’s Pharmacy is like being transported into a Frank Capra movie or, perhaps a Norman Rockwell painting.” – Ottawa Magazine

A picture of Sir Frederick Banting, a member of the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

At both pharmacies, visitors will find the inspirational portraits of  famous Canadian health research pioneers, such as Sir Frederick Banting MD. These images were graciously provided by the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame: link to website.

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